We’re so glad you’re here putting your eyeballs on our creations!  We love to share what we make and bake and photograph and type.  Please feel free to cook our recipes and share with your loved ones.

We do ask just a few things: if you post one of our recipes on your own website, or anywhere else in the real world, please (1) write it in your own words, (2) provide a direct link to our post, and (3) give us credit.  You may not copy our recipes word-for-word, and you may not use our photos without permission.  Not to be all selfish, but we’re pretty proud of what we’ve done and want to share in a way that makes everyone happy.  We make an exception to the photo rule if you feature our recipe in a round-up list, and you clearly provide a link to our post.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but all photographs and content on this website are the property of Ready To Yumble, and it’s all protected by copyright laws.  Any questions?  Contact us at [email protected], or here.  Thanks and enjoy!