Meet Liz and RossHi!  We’re Liz and Ross.  We’re your average couple that just happens to enjoy food more than the average bear.  Neither one of us is a trained chef/cook (frankly we don’t even know if those are two different things).  But over the years we have tried, tested, and tweaked hundreds of recipes, slowly building up a list of sure-fire winners.  Our favorite blogs are the ones that consistently deliver, and that’s what you’ll find here: a curated collection (oh yes, we fancy) devoted to all forms of delicious eats, with special emphasis on comfort food and baked goods.  We don’t blog anything that tastes “meh.”  We’re busy people with real, non-foodie day jobs.  You’re busy people with busy things happening.  No one has time for “meh.”  We only blog the food that we daydream about.  (And then text each other about.  And then text back, “What if we added caramel…?”)

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Feel free to check out our copyright information, privacy policy, and contact information.  Oh, and more importantly, our favorite cocktail, the lemon basil gimlet.

WafflesThis is our dog.  Her name is Waffles.  Her favorite food is chicken, and also giant chicken, which is what the rest of us call “turkey.”  We try very hard not to feed her people food, most of the time, after learning a lesson with her sister.

DelilahThis is our cat, Delilah.  Her favorite foods are grilled cheese sandwiches, Hint of Lime chips, and large cuts of meat.  She’s also pretty sure she likes cinnamon rolls, and she has tried very very hard to taste them, just to be certain – so far unsuccessfully, but it’s only a matter of time.  Don’t let the innocent face fool you.

In any case, if Delilah is right, our food is pretty good!  Please peruse, enjoy, and send us your feedback!  You can reach us at [email protected].