These boozy popsicle mimosas (poptails!), served in a glass of sparkling wine, are like: Hello inner child. Have a drink.
These boozy popsicle mimosas (poptails!), served in a glass of sparkling wine, are like: Hello inner child. Have a drink.

Here’s a conundrum for you: summer weather makes me crave refreshing treats. Frosty cocktails seem like the perfect way to chill out. Yet the hot weather warms up my cold drink.

But (first world) problems are the mother of invention. How do you keep that mimosa from getting luke-warm and less-than-refreshing? You could add ice, I guess, but that waters down the drink. Um, ridiculous. No, the answer is something similar but far superior. And just downright super fun.

Boozy popsicle mimosas…or poptails, if you prefer.

These boozy popsicle mimosas (poptails!), served in a glass of sparkling wine, are like: Hello inner child. Have a drink.

No, these aren’t merely mimosa-flavored popsicles.  And although mimosa-flavored popsicles are probably pretty good,  popsicles (like mimosas themselves) heat up too quickly to enjoy in summer. I’m constantly concerned about finishing the popsicle before it runs down my hand. Not relaxing.

No, these delicious creations are even BETTER! Even more SUMMERY AND MAGICAL!  This isn’t hyperbole, it’s just fact.  Because you know what we’ve got on the blog for you today?  Boozy orange popsicles designed to be dipped in a glass of sparkling wine. How’s that for fun AND practical? The popsicle keeps your drink cold, AND as it melts, it adds fruity flavor. The glass of wine, as your Popsicle holder, keeps the Popsicle from sending sticky sugar down your fingers. And summer is conquered in one delicious, cold drink.  (Not to mention it takes only 4 ingredients, counting the bubbly.  Three ingredients if you skip the optional fruit!)

Mind.  Blown.

These boozy popsicle mimosas (poptails!), served in a glass of sparkling wine, are like: Hello inner child. Have a drink.

There are a few tricks to get these boozy popsicle mimosas to work just right.

First, we used this popsicle mold to make our treats.  (<- Amazon affiliate link)  I like it because it uses wooden sticks instead of reusable plastic ones, so you don’t have to run around collecting everyone’s slobbery remainders.  I’m not into that.

Whichever mold you use, I recommend pouring your pops, starting to freeze without the popsicle sticks, and then add the sticks after an hour or so. The delay in adding the sticks ensures they stay in place, not drooping around off-kilter, which makes them harder to remove.  Also, don’t fill your molds to the brim, or the liquid will freeze to the lid.

Then, make sure you freeze the pops until totally solid, to avoid snapping them in half when you try to remove them from the mold. I know, I know, it requires planning ahead.  Who does that??  Well, here’s what you do: make a big batch and remove them two or three at a time, as needed.  With a mold that makes 10 pops, you’ll be set for at least a weekend or two, right?  The popsicles don’t mind sitting pretty in their molds until you’re ready to eat/drink them.  Or, you can always take all of them out and freeze them individually in plastic bags until ready to use.  (<- Genius hack.)

When you decide to take out a popsicle, make your life easier by running some hot water over the mold – it helps the pop, well, pop out.  (I can’t believe I can say “no pun intended” and actually mean it.  WHO AM I?)

These boozy popsicle mimosas (poptails!), served in a glass of sparkling wine, are like: Hello inner child. Have a drink.This recipe takes into account the fact that alcohol makes it more difficult for liquid to freeze solid. While we’re usually all about the booze, don’t add extra Cointreau or triple sec – your pops will flop. Of course, you can always pour an extra splash into the bubbly! (Be warned, alcohol also makes these pops melt more quickly – keep it in that glass or risk drips!) Feel free to change out the strawberries for a different fruit, or leave them out altogether.

 Whether it’s a Sunday Funday, bridal shower brunch, or heck, a warm Tuesday evening, these boozy popsicle mimosas will make you, and your inner child, happy that it’s summer.

You can celebrate Popsicle Week 2016 (oh yes, it’s a thang) and get tons more popsicle recipes via Wit & Vinegar right here!  Make ’em, love ’em, share ’em.  Well, maybe share ’em.

Boozy Popsicle Mimosas
Prep time
Total time
These boozy mimosa popsicles (poptails!), served in a glass of sparkling wine, are like: Hello inner child. Have a drink.
Serves: 10
  • 3-4 fresh strawberries, chopped into small pieces (or other fruit - or omit altogether)
  • 10 strawberries, whole or roughly chopped, for garnish (or other fruit - or omit altogether)
  • 2½ cups orange juice
  • 3½ ounces Cointreau or Triple Sec
  • 2 bottles chilled champagne / prosecco / some type of sparkling wine
  1. Drop a few small pieces of strawberry into the bottom of each popsicle mold. Feel free to substitute a different fruit, or omit fruit altogether.
  2. Combine orange juice and Cointreau/Triple Sec in a large measuring container with a spout, or a pitcher.
  3. Pour the orange juice mixture into the molds, being careful to leave a little space at the top - about half an inch. (You may have some extra OJ depending on how much strawberry you added to the molds.)
  4. Carefully place your mold in the freezer. When the OJ has started to freeze (about 30-60 minutes depending on your freezer strength), add the popsicle sticks. Continue to freeze until frozen solid - this will take a few hours.
  5. When frozen, run some hot water over the outside of the mold to loosen the popsicle. Pull gently on the stick and remove your pop.
  6. Serve in a glass of bubbly, garnish with your additional strawberries, and enjoy!
These melt quickly! Don't add extra booze or you'll have a mess on your hands.

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These boozy popsicle mimosas (poptails!) are like: Hello inner child. Have a drink.

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  1. Cool! You know what, my kiddo is drinking-slash-eating chocolate ice pops dipped in a glass of milk as we saw this on Instagram. Now he’s giving me his drink in exchange for this lol! Boozy popsicles in wine, what a bright idea! No more messy hands and FLOOR 😀 Love this!

    • I know, I hadn’t used popsicle molds in years and years…I think the last time I used them I was about 7 lol. So it was time! Of course, these are a little different than the popsicles I ate back then 😁

  2. Oh Boy. . . I could really go for a couple of these beauties right about now. I’m in Shanghai on my house hunting trip. . .and boy is it hoooooooot here. And they seem to like to drink warm water so I have been finding it a bit challenging to keep cool. A cold and refreshing cocky plus a popsicle. . .not that should do the trick.

    • Hi Lynn! Oh boy warm water does NOT cut it in the summertime! Cocktails = yes, warm water = no. Hope you’re soon somewhere you can enjoy something frosty!

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