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Smoked Salmon and Caper Spread

All the flavors of a perfect bagel sandwich, only finger-friendly and fancy.

Smoked salmon and caper spreadI’m not a huge New Year’s Eve person.  I count it among the most overrated of holidays, especially because I refuse to pay cover at a bar, on principle, just because it happens to be the last day of the year.  I’m lame that way.

But I CAN get behind snacks, always, any day.  And New Years Eve is a good time to make snacks.  If you’re hosting a group of people, they need something to eat with that champagne, right?  Here’s something easy and oh-so-classy to add to your shindig: smoked salmon and caper spread.  It’s finger-friendly, it’s drink-friendly, and it’s make-ahead friendly.  Quite simply, it’s friendly!  And your friends will love it back.

New Year’s Eve?  Overrated.  Snacks and friends?  RATED.  (I don’t underrate them. They are both actually really good things.  And it’s probably impossible to overrate both.  So….new adjective.  You’re welcome.)

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Apples on Horseback

Apples on Horseback from

To continue the epic saga of our efforts to utilize our rosemary plants (normally I hate the word “utilize,” but I needed something overly stylistic after saying “epic saga”), we decided to try this “apples on horseback” appetizer.  I really can’t recommend it enough.

I mean, maybe I could, but only if I went around starting all conversations with, “You guys should REALLY try this appetizer.”  That would probably be excessive.