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Irish Coffee with Bailey’s Whipped Cream

Irish Coffee with Bailey’s Whipped Cream is hot, cool, bitter, and sweet: an all-around perfect drink.Irish Coffee with Bailey's Whipped Cream

My junior year of college, I studied abroad in Ireland.  It was amazing and beautiful and generally good craic.

I don’t think I ever drank Irish coffee in Ireland.

I can’t say why.  Recent research leads me to believe that Irish coffee IS actually made and served in Ireland (unlike, say, the Irish carbomb, which seems to be delicious yet extremely American).  And I have since learned to love the Irish coffee.  But it was only post-Ireland that they really came into my life. This, obviously, disappoints me.

I can say I’ve had Irish coffee.  I can’t say I’ve had Irish Irish coffee.  Different?  Maybe, maybe not.  But I always like to add adjectives when I can.

Am I allowed to say it’s an Irish Irish coffee when I make it, and I am, in part, Irish?  Close enough?

Irish Coffee with Bailey's Whipped Cream (more…)

Thin Mint Shooters

Cookie meets cocktail – and it’s the best of both worlds.Thin Mint ShootersWho bought way more Girl Scout cookies than was strictly necessary this cookie season?  It can’t be just me.  Multiple co-workers have daughters peddling their wares; every grocery store has a literal troop of miniature salesladies out front, manning their stations with youthful aggression; not to mention the knocking on the front door which immediately throws me into a panic because I can’t just ignore them, but I have already have SO many cookies, and once I open the door, I clearly can’t say no…. Problems, I tell you.  Girl Scout cookie problems.

Luckily I’m here to help you with your solution!  When you’ve eaten enough cookies straight from the package and start to say to yourself, “I mean, I love Thin Mints, but I’ve eaten 20 in a row, and I feel like I should change it up a little…also I’m thirsty….”  Don’t fret.  Make Thin Mint shooters instead!
Thin Mint Shooters


Grapefruit Margarita

This easy grapefruit margarita recipe is a little sweet, a little tart, and altogether way too smooth.

This easy grapefruit margarita recipe is a little sweet, a little tart, and altogether way too smooth.

It’s national margarita day!

I love fake holidays.  They give me an excuse to do things I would do anyway.  Like drink these grapefruit margaritas…which we generally keep stocked in the freezer in a large mason jar, in case of emergency.

Speaking of which, these drinks should come with a caution sign.  Actually, two caution signs.

#1: “These contain quite a bit of alcohol.”

#2: “They’re also really delicious and you’ll want to drink quite a bit of them, so ergo, see #1.”

Ross invented them.  It’s his fault.

But honestly, they’re just so darn refreshing, and go down so easy….I mean, apart from it being national margarita day, I want to drink them basically any time: (1) it’s Friday, (2) I’m eating nachos, (3) it’s Saturday, (4) I’m eating tacos, (5) it’s a day, (6) I’m eating, (7) I’m awake.

This easy grapefruit margarita recipe is a little sweet, a little tart, and altogether way too smooth.


Moscow Reindeer

A festive red-and-green cocktail that will boost your holiday spirit, no matter what!Moscow reindeer

Do you have relatives descending on you for the holidays?

You need this drink.

Do you have small children wearing your patience out bit by bit?

You need this drink.

Is the constant barrage of Christmas music starting to shred your nerves?

You need this drink.

Have work projects kept you so busy you can’t even breathe, much less sleep, much less bake cookies and decorate and write Christmas cards and do anything else that makes spirits bright? Ooooo oOooOooOO, meeeeeee!

I.  I need this drink.

I’m going to take a second for a self-indulgent rant.  First of all, I’m supposed to be on vacation right now.  I won’t say where, because then the first-world nature of these problems will become even more readily apparent, BUT we had reservations for a beautiful spot, and I was supposed to be relaxing on said unnamed beach, right at this very moment.  Then Ross got sent off on a boat — fine, ship — for his job.  And then my job got so incredibly busy that I long for the days where I had time to go to the break room and make a cup of tea.  I was literally at my desk today croaking, “So thirrrrsty!” without time to quench my palate.  Nearly died, folks.  Okay not really.  But I’m extremely short on sleep and Christmas traditions.  I tried to watch White Christmas while typing away on my laptop this weekend, and it sucked.  I didn’t even see all the cool tap-dancing scenes with my head buried in my work.  I haven’t sent a single Christmas card, and I keep receiving beautiful ones from friends that make me feel both happy and guilty for not reciprocating.  I have bought ONE Christmas present so far (Dad, you’re a lucky guy), and the shipping days until Christmas are growing slim.  In short, this holiday season is not all snowflakes and cookies.

But that’s why the baby Jesus, later in life, decided to turn water into wine.

If you’re stressed out, if you’re tired, if you’re overworked, if you’re hangry (or thangry), here’s a drink for you.  Observe:

1. It’s red and green, so it’s embodies the Christmas spirit.

2. It’s served in a beautiful cup, so it’s pretty.  If you don’t have copper mugs, it’s STILL pretty in a clear cup, because Christmas colors! — see (1).

3. It’s named after a magical Christmas creature.

4. It’s both refreshing and delicious.

5. It has booze.

Moscow Reindeer


Hot Toddy

The ultimate hot toddy recipe: sweet and soothing and not to be shared.

Hot toddyI’m told hot toddies are helpful for relieving cold symptoms.  I’ve discovered they’re much more multi-purpose than that.

Bad day?  Chilly day?  Long day?  The kind of day where you literally cannot even?

Drink this toddy and I guarantee.  You CAN even.

…Can curl up in a blanket and drift away on a wave of happiness, that is.

True story: one time I did drink a hot toddy when I had a cold.  It was marvelous.  It was also a new drink to me, one which Ross whipped up when I came home and said, pathetically, “By dose iz stuffee.”  He had happened to see the recipe in Fine Cooking not long before, and thought it would be a great time to try it out.  So I put on my PJs, sat on the couch, and held out my hands expectantly.

Hot Toddy