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Colorful Chocolate Cups with White Chocolate Mousse

Rich, creamy white chocolate cups get a punch of any color you like.  Fill them with fluffy mousse and they’re perfect for a party (or any lovely spring day).
Colorful Chocolate Cups with White Chocolate MousseThese are not cupcakes.

I know they look like cupcakes.  That puffy white frosting, that colorful cupcake paper…they’re obviously cupcakes, right?

These are not cupcakes.

They may be such convincing cupcake-body-doubles that Ross pulled them out of the fridge and asked me, “When did you make cupcakes?”  “I didn’t.”  And in spite of my denial, he waved them around and insisted, confidently, “Then what are these?” —  not in a curious tone, but in a you-clearly-forgot-you-baked-cupcakes tone.

Nope.  Not cupcakes.  They are just as pretty and just as delicious, but there are a couple crucial differences.

#1 – That thing that looks like a paper cupcake liner?  Pure chocolate.  OH YES.

#2 – That “frosting”?  Light and fluffy chocolate mousse.  And it actually fills up the entire chocolate cup.  OH YES.  The whole cup.  This entire baby is edible from top to bottom — and boy did I enjoy eating it.

Colorful Chocolate Cups with White Chocolate Mousse


Thin Mint Shooters

Cookie meets cocktail – and it’s the best of both worlds.Thin Mint ShootersWho bought way more Girl Scout cookies than was strictly necessary this cookie season?  It can’t be just me.  Multiple co-workers have daughters peddling their wares; every grocery store has a literal troop of miniature salesladies out front, manning their stations with youthful aggression; not to mention the knocking on the front door which immediately throws me into a panic because I can’t just ignore them, but I have already have SO many cookies, and once I open the door, I clearly can’t say no…. Problems, I tell you.  Girl Scout cookie problems.

Luckily I’m here to help you with your solution!  When you’ve eaten enough cookies straight from the package and start to say to yourself, “I mean, I love Thin Mints, but I’ve eaten 20 in a row, and I feel like I should change it up a little…also I’m thirsty….”  Don’t fret.  Make Thin Mint shooters instead!
Thin Mint Shooters


Sadelle’s Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Super rich and chewy, these little guys changed my entire worldview on oatmeal raisin cookies.Sadelle's Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Raisin cookies are a blasphemous lie.

At least I’ve always felt that way.  It could be that I’m used to seeing chocolate chip cookies with oatmeal, but so many times I’ve reached for a treat with that trademark oatmeal texture and dark spots, expecting to bite into delicious melty chocolate, only to come away with desiccated fruit.  So needless to say, I’m not usually a fan.  I’ll admit, there has been the occasional one that’s made me question my distaste for them, but by and large, I am unimpressed.

But these cookies have changed that.  These are amazing.  Not amazing for oatmeal raisin cookies, just flat out amazing.

We were browsing one of our favorite blogs when we stumbled across this recipe.  She had adapted it from the Sadelle’s bakery in Manhattan, and the timing was rather fortuitous as we were heading to New York a couple of weeks later to meet up with some friends.  And so on a brisk Sunday morning, wanting to conduct thorough research (for science you see), we made a little detour on our way to our favorite NYC brunch spot (Jane – go on a Sunday and order both the French toast and the BLTE – even if it’s just you) and got a cookie.

Hey, it has oatmeal, which makes it a breakfast food, and breakfast is before brunch, so you can take those judgmental stares elsewhere, m’kay?

Sadelle's Oatmeal Raisin Cookies (more…)

Red Velvet Waffle and Cream Cheese Ice Cream Sandwiches

Next level ice cream sandwiches: lovely, crisp waffles with a ridiculously creamy filling.  Don’t forget the sprinkles.Red Velvet Waffle and Cream Cheese Ice Cream Sandwiches

Oh man.  You know what makes me happy?

Waffles.  Ice cream.  Puppies.  Not necessarily in that order.  But I’m starting with waffles and ice cream today because, tadahhhhhhh!  They’ve combined forces to make something even more powerful than either item alone!  WAFFLE ICE CREAM SANDWICHES!  And not just any waffle ice cream sandwich … which is not to imply that any waffle ice cream sandwich would be, you know, BAD … but these are just right up my alley.

Light and crispy red velvet waffles.

And thick and rich cream cheese ice cream.

Also, hey, sprinkles, because it’s almost Valentine’s Day!  More on those sprinkles later.

Not only do I adore waffles and ice cream, but this recipe also requires the use of my two favorite kitchen appliances.  HINT: One makes waffles.  One makes ice cream.

Interestingly, these were the two appliances that Ross used to dismiss as “unnecessary.”  But when it came time to register for wedding gifts, I insisted on including a waffle iron and an ice cream maker, and know what he says about them now?

“Oh sweetheart, you were SO INCREDIBLY RIGHT, as USUAL!”

Well, not quite.  But he’s totally come around to them.  I think the initial resistance came from the fact that his family didn’t own either one growing up, which seems crazy to me.  Then again, I grew up without a stand mixer, and I still wonder, even now, if it’s totally necessary to take up all that cabinet space… but the fact is, we use the stand mixer, and the waffle iron, and the ice cream maker in regular rotation, so for us, they’ve earned their room and board.  I say that as someone who used to live in the shoeboxiest of Manhattan shoeboxes, and someone who thinks twice and thrice (What’s four times? Fouice?) before buying anything for the kitchen.

By the way, even though a waffle iron and ice cream maker were questionable to Ross, he has found Pastasaurus to be a necessary item in our household, OBVIOUSLY LIZ.  (For the record, I’m okay with it too.)

Red Velvet Waffle and Cream Cheese Ice Cream Sandwiches


Rocky Mountain Chocolate Chip Cookies

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Chip Cookies are a long-time favorite in our house!  And no wonder – they’re chewy, moist, chocolate chip cookie perfection.Rocky Mountain Chocolate Chip CookiesI shouldn’t be sharing this recipe with you.  It significantly reduces my chances for utter domination of cookie competitions.  These are, hands down, the best chocolate chip cookies ever.  I don’t care what your mom, or grandmother, or fairy godmother taught you to bake, these are better.  They are moist, chewy, and above all, delicious.

I know we were trying to share healthy recipes with you in January, as so many folks are attempting to reset their nutrition.  But we’re sure you’ve done such a good job that you need a treat.  A reward.  A light at the end of the tunnel. These cookies are all that and so much more.

I can’t even begin to estimate how many of these cookies I’ve eaten in my lifetime.  Pretty sure it would require scientific notation.  And this may be the first recipe I can recall having some involvement in.  And by “involvement”, I mean snitching…er…”quality control.”  I remember getting to sample at each stage, with my favorite step being right after the addition of the dry ingredients.  It was so sweet and creamy and I could not get enough of it.  My mom would burn through one or two hand mixers a year primarily because of the number of cookies she had to make to keep up with the family’s voracious appetite.  It was a welcome relief when she got her stand mixer.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Chip Cookies