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December Degustabox + Strawberry Jalapeno Bacon Grilled Cheese


Hello Readers,

This time I’m certain that Degustabox has stepped up their delivery timetable. The latest batch of goodies hit our doorstep the last day of November. But I can’t be too mad about them eagerly delivering food to me. Probably the smart thing to do to beat the holiday rush. In any event, here’s a sampling of the tasty treats they included this month – plus a grilled cheese flavor explosion, AND a coupon for your own Degustabox subscription!  (Just going to point out this would be a perfect gift for the foodie in your life…)


The “Tread Gingerly” Cocktail + November Degustabox


I don’t know what is, but I swear that our friends at Degustabox are sending us food more frequently than once a month. It seems like there’s always a new box of goodies sitting on our front step when I get home. Here’s the month’s highlights…PLUS a bonus recipe for a brand spanking new cocktail called the “Tread Gingerly.”  PLUS a deal on setting up your own Degustabox subscription!



Degustabox – October 2016


Once again, our friends over at Degustabox have dropped another box of edible goodies on our doorstep. It’s like a mini Christmas once a month. What could it be this time!  (And don’t forget to scroll to the bottom of the post for 50% off your first order!) (more…)