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This time I’m certain that Degustabox has stepped up their delivery timetable. The latest batch of goodies hit our doorstep the last day of November. But I can’t be too mad about them eagerly delivering food to me. Probably the smart thing to do to beat the holiday rush. In any event, here’s a sampling of the tasty treats they included this month – plus a grilled cheese flavor explosion, AND a coupon for your own Degustabox subscription!  (Just going to point out this would be a perfect gift for the foodie in your life…)

Good Thins Sweet Oat and Flax

This may sound weird, but I just love crackers. Now, it could be their association with cheese, but I genuinely like grabbing a handful of crunchy crackers as I graze through the cabinet for the sixteenth time that afternoon. Good texture, tasty flavors, and so gosh darn easy to eat, what’s not to love? Now I usually associate crackers with salty or savory flavors, so the slightly sweet flavor of these crackers was somewhat unexpected. Now, I don’t mean that in a bad way – these definitely are not sweet like a cookie (or that greatest charlatan of all, the animal cracker) – just that these were sweeter than I expected from a cracker. Something to keep in mind when you pair it with something. I think it would pair nicely with a spicy pepperjack, or a hot dip.

Loacker Noir Orange Chocolates

Fruit and chocolate. Almost always a winning pair. And I only say “almost” in case there is some lunatic out there who is selling chocolate dipped tomatoes. I have always been a fan of chocolate and raspberries or strawberries, but it took a little while for me to come around to the idea of chocolate and orange. Now, I imagine that might be the case because I don’t think oranges lend themselves as readily to dessert as a lot of other fruits. You have to skin them, then make sure you’ve removed all the pith, and finally section them carefully to make sure no unsightly membrane mars your dessert, and that’s a lot harder than just rinsing some berries. However, in this offering, you don’t have to do any of the work! You are presented with something that looks a lot like a fun size Crunch bar, complete with the crisped rice, but with a nice dose of orange flavor permeating the chocolate. I like the slightly acidic hint of citrus mixed in with the creamy milk chocolate. Sort of gives it a more elegant touch.


Smuckers Strawberry Jalapeño Fruit Spread

So you know how I just mentioned the idea of pairing sweet and spicy above? If you open up a jar of this Strawberry Jalapeño Fruit spread, you don’t even have to worry about making the pairing yourself. For those of you who have had jalapeño jelly, this is quite different. The strawberries are front and center in this product, with the peppers coming in on the tail end to add some heat and complexity. It makes for a pleasant surprise when applied in the right presentation, like say, a grilled cheese sandwich. In this case, we used a nice, sharp cheddar – something bold, salty, and creamy, and then we added this strawberry jalapeno, contrasting those flavors with both spice, and sweetness. Aaaaand some bacon, because…bacon.  When you take a bite, your first impression is still very much the cheese, but then you get the juxtaposition of the sweetness, and a hint of heat from the jalapeños. Delicious.

Urbane Grain Ancient Grain Beef Burgundy Meal

I have a confession to make: we didn’t actually eat this one. But we really needed to include it because of what happened shortly after our Degustabox arrived. When the box lands on our doorstep, we tend to paw through it like a pair of shipwrecked castaways, cataloging this windfall box of food, but after we take a look, it usually lives on the dining table until Liz gets the time to photograph it. It would appear that we need to find a new place to stash it. Because I came home from work, went upstairs to change, and noticed something in the shadows behind the closet door. Imagine my surprise when I found our sample of ancient grains cast aside in the closet. Was Liz secretly carbo-loading in the morning prior to work? Upon closer inspection, I found that almost all the way around the lid were puncture marks — where our cat Delilah had attempted to get into it. Our distinctly indoors house cat had called upon her inner leopard and descended from the upper floors to pounce upon this dish, and drag it up the stairs to devour. However, it seems that the sturdy Styrofoam construction was too much for her, and she abandoned it. Either that, or she figured out this was something healthy, and lost interest. Either way, it generated some genuine laughs for us that night.  (The spectre of cat slobber, however, convinced us not to eat it.)


Anyway, I have to say a Degustabox subscription would be a really fun Christmas gift – especially for that friend who’s tough to shop for.  We’ve certainly enjoyed our monthly surprises.  And since we’re Degustabox affiliates, here’s a coupon code for half off the first month, plus a free gift!

Holiday season is here ! Only $9.99 for your first Degustabox + 1 GIFT ! Try today, shipping is FREE! Enjoy the always delicious Degustabox surprises + a free gift.

Until next time, we here at Ready To Yumble encourage you to grab something new and random next time at the store, and see if you like it! Happy hunting!


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