What goodies do we have in store this month from our friends at Degustabox? Let’s find out!

What goodies do we have in store this month from our friends at Degustabox? Let's find out!

PR Bar

Perhaps some of you have, erm, “stumbled”, on your path to your New Year’s resolutions.  It happens.  To 99% of people.  Every. Single. Year.  But that doesn’t mean that you can’t pick yourself up and get back at it!  And based on my sampling of PR Bar, they might help you along the way.  I’ve tried many different sport and protein bars, and my goodness do they vary in quality.  Some taste like chalk, others require you to chew for between 3 and 6 months before you can actually consume them.  Not PR Bars.  The Chocolate Peanut variety included this month was great: not too sweet, with actual peanut and chocolate flavors coming to the forefront, which is more rare than you might think.  I have to give them credit for making a lasting impression: I ate this prior to a 5 am Crossfit class, and believe me when I tell you, I barely qualify as conscious at that hour.  But the tasty flavors really helped me wake up and gave me a burst of energy to get through whatever cardiovascular horrors we had that day.  Would definitely recommend.

What goodies do we have in store this month from our friends at Degustabox? Let's find out!Pop Chips

While I am all for people striving for healthy eating habits, I must confess I love my junk food.  Well, Pop Chips might present a sort of middle ground.  According the colorful packaging, the cooking method behind them provides the same satisfying crunch we all love with chips, but without as much of the fatty baggage that comes along with it.  Lacking a gas chromatography–mass spectrometer, I can’t really confirm that, but I am happy to report that they are mighty tasty.  We sampled both the “Perfectly Salted” and “Barbecue” variety, and while the former was pretty good, I am absolute sucker for BBQ potato chips, be they popped or fried.  And these are so light and airy that if they came in a big bag, I’d be in big trouble, as I don’t doubt my ability to empty it in a heartbeat.

Jones Orange and Cream Soda

Moving from the healthy to the kinda-healthy to the straight up indulgent, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this drink.  We don’t keep much soda in the house.  Not because we’re super healthy, but more because I lack any modicum of self control around it.  But since this was a one-off, I didn’t see the harm in giving it a try.  In general, I don’t like fruit flavored sodas, as I find them to be cloyingly sweet, but this doesn’t go off the deep end on the sugar spectrum.  Also, it brings to mind a decidedly nostalgic feel of frozen orange creamsicles.  I haven’t had one in years, but after a pull on the bottle, I can almost feel myself running barefoot through the grass in the middle of summer, squirt gun in one hand, and a creamsicle in the other.  While it’s not something I would recommend drinking every day, it was kind of fun for a throwback.

What goodies do we have in store this month from our friends at Degustabox? Let's find out!Green and Black’s Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt

Well, as long as we’re drinking some soda, might as well have some candy.  Resolutions are overrated anyway.  We love some good quality chocolate around here, and this offering is enhanced by a good pinch of salt.  Salt has that magical ability to intensify the flavor of whatever it is applied to.  So in this case, the chocolate tastes even more chocolatey.  If that’s not a winning recipe, I don’t know what is.  And the smooth, creamy texture of the chocolate bar doesn’t hurt either.  Plus, you may recall from our Peanut Butter Bourbon Chocolate Cake post that there have been legitimate studies into the health benefits of chocolate, so really, we have come full circle back to health food.

Hope you all grab something new and unusual during your next shopping trip, you never know when you’ll find a new favorite!


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