Another month, and another box of goodies from our friends at Degustabox – plus a discount to get your own!september-degustabox-1-2

It really is fun to shuffle to the front door after a long day at work and find a box of food waiting for you.  What’s inside this time?  Will it be salty or sweet?  Actually, based on our experience so far, there will be enough variety that you’ll get both.  Now, on to the highlights!

Pop Corners Carnival Kettle

This was my favorite item in the box.  I’m a pretty traditional guy when it comes to crunchy snacks.  Chips is where it’s at.  And when no one is looking, the odd bag of Cheetos. I don’t need any newfangled nitrogen expanded spelt patties, or whatever the kids are eating these days, thank you.  So when I saw “gluten free” plastered on the packaging, I was a little eye-rolly.  I was also wrong.  These are delicious.  Apparently these are basically chips made out of popcorn.  I don’t know how they do it, but as long as they continue to make this Kettle Corn flavored snack, I’ll keep eating in happy ignorance.  It’s got a great salty sweet flavor going on, and a nice crunch to go along with it.  I would highly recommend you give this one a go.

Sparkling Bitters – Meyer Lemon

While it’s not surprise to you readers that we like our booze around here (see exhibits A, B, and C), you may be surprised to learn that during the week, what we’re usually reaching for around here is a can of seltzer.  It’s not that we have anything against having a drink after work (and goodness knows we all need one sometimes), it’s just that in an effort to keep a healthy lifestyle (and be able to enjoy such decadent treats like Birthday Cake Batter Ice Cream), you gotta pick your vices.  Luckily, seltzer gives you a bit of flavor, and a carbonated change from the two gallons of water we’re drinking every day to deal with the 100 degree plus heat index we’re still seeing.  As a result, we were happy to pop the top of this meyer lemon flavored  Sparkling Bitters.  The taste is subtle, but pleasant.  I would describe it as being a bit more floral than your average seltzer.  And one could certainly punch that up with a dash of full strength bitters.  Oh, and since we opened it on the weekend, we figured we were ok to add some lemon juice and some grapefruit vodka for a refreshing cocktail.  Sparkling Bitters is good mixed, or on its own, so consider giving it a shot next time you’re looking to add some bubbles to your day.


Little Bites Chocolate Chip Muffins

As you might expect, when you get a variety of different items, not every one of them is a winner.  By and large, we’ve been happy with items delivered to our door via Degustabox, but this one missed the mark.  The idea is good enough: little bite-size muffins, and they’ve got a nice moist texture, but the flavor is just off.  Somehow the muffins were simultaneously over-sweet and bland.  The ingredients might provide a clue: sugar is listed first.  Now, I’ve got a pretty big sweet tooth, but I think to have more sugar than flour in a baked good isn’t a great start.

Peri Peri Hot Sauce

But hot (ba-dum tsh) on the heels of the disappointing muffins comes this spicy little number out of South Africa.  I immediately keyed to the name because my boss had recently told me about a South African restaurant in Houston that goes by the same name.  From my exhaustive skimming of Wikipedia, peri peri is apparently another name for the African Bird’s Eye Chili.  The sauce has the perfect level of heat for me, which is to say it’s not too spicy.  I’m kind of wimp in that regard.  But with that subtle heat comes a more complex flavor, sort of like the extra richness you get when you roast vegetables.  Where as Tabasco might be characterized as a single high note, this is more of melody.  (I hope I’m describing that right, my knowledge of music is less than authoritative).  In any event, we’ve been using it on a variety of different foods, so if you’re looking for heat that’s a little different, give this a shot.

september-degustabox-2-2Sweet Tomato and Chili Chutney

From the English Provender Co. came three adorable jars of spread: sweet tomato and chili chutney, caramelized red onion chutney, and luxury lemon curd.  We resisted breaking into all three at once, mainly because our refrigerator door is already stocked with waaaay too many half-eaten bottles of sauces and spreads.  But we gave the tomato chutney a taste, and deemed it nicely flavored and likely to be a good sandwich-topper.  Liz thought it was a little on the sweet side, but I thought it had a good balance, especially if you put it on a nice salty BLT.  Ooo yeah, that would hit the spot.

So until next month, I hope you all indulge your whims and try something new next time you’re out shopping. And if you want to give Degustabox a try, be sure to use our affiliate link below for a good deal:
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