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Liz and I came back last week from our wonderful vacation, and it’s been back to the grind here in Houston. As you might expect, we’ve been moping and sulking about, and generally trying to avoid our work and responsibilities. You understand, right? The post vacation doldrums I suppose.

A couple things helped us to manage our sorrow.  Liz just attended a lovely event at a local restaurant, Brennan’s, aimed at Houston food bloggers.  The restaurant was rolling out a new summer menu, which included a fabulous seafood spread, and even some ceviche that reminded her of our beach vacation.  Plus there was THIS creation:

Brennan's Courtyard Bar TeaThey call it the Courtyard Bar Tea.  Made of hibiscus tea, vodka, and a splash of pineapple juice, Liz described it as perfect for summer sippin’, and also reminiscent of the tropical island she wished she was laying on.

But aside from this event, there was something else to cheer us up when we came home from the airport.  In fact, there was something WAITING on our doorstep that helped distract us from our first world problems of lack of beach and tropical drinks – our first Degustabox!

Degustabox is a service that delivers a box of 10-15 food products to your door for you to try. I believe it’s also a way for brands to test out new items to see how they fare in the real world. For me, I just like the idea of a bunch of food appearing as if by magic. Degustabox offered us a subscription in return for reviewing some of their items, and we also managed to get them to offer a FREE BOX to one lucky reader who signs up for our newsletter, so sign up at the end of this post for your chance!  Not only that, but we have an exclusive code for 50% off your first box if you want your very own subscription.  Read on for the details…

DegustaboxFirst, and overall impression: this is mostly food that you can enjoy on your own as opposed to ingredients you cook with. Lot of snack foods. And personally, I like that. I’m always looking for ways to pack out my lunch box, and after a while, the same ol’ items can get a little, well, old after awhile. (Aside from salt and vinegar chips. Those never get old.)

Haribo Sour Gummy Bears

Ok, gummy bears are another thing that never get old.  I’ll eat them until my stomach hurts and they don’t taste good any more. And then I’ll eat some more.  I may have a problem.  I have to say, Haribo is not my preferred brand of gummy bear.  Quite frankly, they taste too real.  As in too much like real fruit.  I don’t want fruit, I want fruit flavored candy!  But with the sour variety, I feel they’ve stepped up their game.  These are really good.  The sour level is about what you would get from Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers: less so than Sour Patch Kids, but definitely more sour than regular gummy bears.  One thing I’ve always liked about Haribo gummy bears is their consistency.  They’re firm enough to give a good chew without being like jerky, and these maintain that.  Overall, this makes a great choice for a sweet snack.

Jif Cinnamon Peanut Butter

Who doesn’t love peanut butter?  It’s delicious, nutritious (kinda), and versatile.  While the addition of cinnamon doesn’t make this my preference for a PB&J, this is awesome on apples, graham crackers, and toast.  We’re also batting around a few ideas to incorporate into a frosting or truffle application.  Also, Liz loves that it’s creamy Jif.  I’ve always been a chunky Skippy fan.  It’s a miracle we’ve been able to stay married.  Honestly, I think Jif tends to taste closer to peanuts than Skippy, but I’ve always been partial to the latter.  I guess because I grew up with it.  Anyway, this product is a winner.

Elmhurst Harvest Real Almond Chocolate

We use a fair amount of almond milk around here.  Probably a leftover from our occasional forays into the Paleo diet.  Honestly, I like it just as much as regular milk on things like cereal, and I like it better in protein shakes.  This particular almond milk is really smooth.  Some other brands taste ok, but have an almost silty quality to them that I’m not a fan of.  Oh, and it’s a great addition to your morning coffee, because it’s never too early for chocolate.

We really enjoyed having a box of food waiting for us when we got home.  And I like the mix of items that you get.  I know I’m pretty set in my ways, and not always looking to try new things, so this is a way to lean out of your comfort zone without too much worry about having a huge bulk of something you don’t end up liking.  We’d certainly recommend that if you’re looking for a variety of new snacks shipped to your front step, that you give Degustabox a try.

And for those who want to try Degustabox, we have an exclusive discount code for you to use right now: 50% of your first month!

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