If you’re a frequent Ready to Yumble reader (and if so, hey thanks!), you may remember this post letting the world know we had a bun in the oven.  Well, a few weeks ago the timer dinged, and our little bun was fully cooked!  Or in other words, we now have a baby girl keeping us in line at home.  She’s a pretty cool little lady, although she doesn’t quite share our taste in food – yet.

We know most of you come to this site for the recipes, not our personal life stories, but we wanted to share this news to explain our sudden decrease in blog posts, and to reassure you that we fully intend to get back to regular posting as soon as we can.  To make up for it, here’s a quick recipe we’re finding quite useful lately.  Enjoy, and we’ll see you back for our regular programming soon!

Family-Style Smorgasbord
When you add a new member to your household, a good meal is a great way to celebrate. But since you won't have time for that, here's our best substitute!
  • Several hundred servings of milk
  • Lots of midnight snacks
  • A stash of frozen meals
  • Plenty of pizza deliveries
  • Cookies, cookies, and more cookies
  • The occasional glass of bourbon
For the baby:
  1. Pour milk liberally into mouth.
  2. Wonder when she'll be old enough to eat pizza.
  3. Repeat.
  4. Repeat.
  5. Repeat.
  6. Etc.
For the parents:
  1. Combine remaining ingredients haphazardly as time permits.

8 Comments on Recipe for Life with a Newborn

  1. Congratulations Ross and Liz!!! Babies are game changers! The ultimate ‘spice of life’ you could say. Enjoy your newest and best creation to the moon and back. Everything else goes on the back burner for awhile.

    Thanks for your recipe postings—-we have brought several to fruition!
    Ellyn Thoreen

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