Cookie meets cocktail – and it’s the best of both worlds.Thin Mint ShootersWho bought way more Girl Scout cookies than was strictly necessary this cookie season?  It can’t be just me.  Multiple co-workers have daughters peddling their wares; every grocery store has a literal troop of miniature salesladies out front, manning their stations with youthful aggression; not to mention the knocking on the front door which immediately throws me into a panic because I can’t just ignore them, but I have already have SO many cookies, and once I open the door, I clearly can’t say no…. Problems, I tell you.  Girl Scout cookie problems.

Luckily I’m here to help you with your solution!  When you’ve eaten enough cookies straight from the package and start to say to yourself, “I mean, I love Thin Mints, but I’ve eaten 20 in a row, and I feel like I should change it up a little…also I’m thirsty….”  Don’t fret.  Make Thin Mint shooters instead!
Thin Mint Shooters

This recipe was actually inspired by my very manly husband.  And I feel like I should tread lightly here, because I would hate to embarrass him TOO badly.  (A little, sure.)  Therefore I better begin by letting you know he’s six foot three, he often sports a luxurious beard, and he likes to pick up heavy things and put them back down.  He also has a fondness for what you might call…frilly cocktails. To the point where it’s become a bit of a running joke.  I mean, sometimes he orders them on purpose because they’re delicious and he’s comfortable with his masculinity.  But even when he tries to change it up and orders the Ninja Fire Raptor of Death or similar- it will be pink and garnished with a flower.  Always.  It’s a knack.

This recipe was inspired by a drink Ross tried many years ago at a place called Bartini in Portland.  And on that particular occasion, he definitely ordered the frilly drink on purpose. It was called a Thin Mintini, and really, how could he resist?  You know Ross and his love for cookies – hence these super rich oatmeal raisin bombshells and this plate of chocolate chip outrageousness.  No way would he pass up a glass of liquid, boozy cookie.

And it was absolutely the right decision.  That cool, chocolatey flavor went down like pure happiness.  I was lucky to sneak a sip before Ross polished it off in about 2.897 seconds.

Thin Mint Shooters

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to recreate that drink.  But after staring at all the Thin Mints in our freezer for the millionth time, it hit me.  It was time to surprise my manly man with a girly Girl Scout cocktail.

For my spin on this particular recipe, I switched things up from the original martini to the slightly abbreviated shooter.  Not to say that you need to shoot this – I actually recommend sipping it at a leisurely pace.  But I wanted to serve it as an accompaniment to a dessert, so the smaller size is a little more appropriate.  Even my chocoholic self would struggle to finish a big glass of this AND a slice of cake.  (Although I would certainly do my best.  I’m no quitter.)  If you happen to be mixing this up and want a larger dose, just double the recipe and serve in a martini glass.  Best to drink it very slowly in that case.  The cookies may be kid-appropriate, but these cocktails carry an adult kick.

Best of both worlds?  I would say so!

Thin Mint Shooters

Thin Mint Shooters - It's a cookie and a cocktail, best of both worlds!

Thin Mint Shooters
Prep time
Total time
Cookie meets cocktail - and it's the best of both worlds.
Serves: 2 drinks
  • 1 tablespoon chocolate syrup (Doesn't have to be a fancy brand - you won't use much.)
  • 1 Thin Mint cookie
  • 2 oz. chocolate liqueur (like Godiva)
  • ½ oz. peppermint schnapps (like Rumple Minze)
  • 1 oz. whole milk, half & half, or cream (Cream will give you the thickest drink, but all of these options will work just fine. I don't recommend using anything lower fat than whole milk.)
  1. Pour the chocolate syrup onto a small plate.
  2. Place the cookie in a ziplock bag and seal. Crush the cookie into fine crumbs. I did this with a rolling pin, but any heavy object will do. Pour the cookie crumbs onto another small plate.
  3. Dip the rims of your glasses into the chocolate syrup, then dip into the cookie crumbs. Set aside.
  4. Fill a martini shaker with ice. Pour the chocolate liqueur, peppermint schnapps, and milk or cream into the shaker. Shake thoroughly to chill. Pour into glasses.
  5. Serve with extra cookies and enjoy.
The drink may be mixed ahead of time. If that's your plan, don't shake it with ice - just pour the liqueur, schnapps, and milk or cream into a sealed container and keep refrigerated. Give it a quick stir before serving.

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  1. I have a girl scout, so yes we bought a few boxes of cookies. Just a few. 🙂 As for frilly cocktails? They’re tasty. And this one is just up our alley. If my husband can drink the bright pink martini I developed a couple of months ago, I think he could survive a Thin Mints Shooter.

    • Hi Annemarie, sorry your comment hit my spam filter (ugh!) so I’m just seeing it. But I’m totally with you on the frilly cocktails – a bright pink martini sounds perfect!

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